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How We Can Help You

Business Solar UK specialises in finding the best commercial solar panel installers in your area. If you’re looking for a solar solution to help cut down on your farm energy bills, we have just the installers for you! How it all works is simple. We save you time and money by finding the best installers for you based on a few things: 

  • What you’re looking for (in this case, solar panels for your farm)
  • The installer’s reputation
  • Both of your locations
  • Where you can make the most savings


We work with only the highest-rated MCS Certified solar installers in your area, meaning you can be confident that the installers we recommend to you are fit for purpose. 

If you’re looking for solar panel installers to install solar panels at your farm then Compare Solar Suppliers with us today. 

How Installing Farm Solar Panels Can Benefit You

It’s no secret that solar solutions are more popular than ever, and that includes with farm and other agricultural building owners like yourself. Large-scale solar panel installations can help commercial premises and businesses just like yours in a number of key ways.

Saves You Money

The exact amount of money you’ll save will depend on three key factors:

  • The size of your solar panel system
  • Where your solar panels are located on your farm
  • Whether you’re going off-grid or you’re relying on the National Grid for your energy needs occasionally


Regardless of the exact amount of money you’ll save annually on your energy bills, there’s no denying that with the rising cost of energy, as a farm owner, you’ll benefit from relying more on renewable sources of energy, like solar. 

Solar panels for farms are a long-term solution to your energy needs, and although there’s a high initial cost, the savings you’ll make in the long run will ensure that the upfront cost is fully covered over time – and sometimes in as little as 2.5 to 4 years. 

Earns You Money

Solar PV systems for your farm won’t just save you money, it’ll potentially make you some, too! 

With farm solar arrays, you’re offered an opportunity to generate free renewable energy, and any excess you can then sell back to the grid. All you need is a solar battery (make sure you confirm with your solar panel installers that a battery is necessary for your array), excess energy that your farm isn’t currently using, MCS Certified installers and equipment as part of the Smart Export Guarantee stipulations (Business Solar UK only works with MCS Certified installers, so you’re covered there) and voila, you’ve got a new way to make money on your farm. 

You have two options open to you here:

  1. Your farm uses your solar panels’ energy, and then any excess is sold back to the grid for a nice profit; 
  2. OR you dedicate an area of your farm to solar energy, selling ALL of the energy generated by these solar panels to the grid


Whichever option you choose, there’s no denying that solar panels for your farm can prove to be a successful way to earn additional money. 

Improves Your Brand Reputation

Farms already do a lot for the UK, and our hard-working farmers are often celebrated for their produce, but farmers who rely on green energy are looked upon even more favourably by the public. That means more satisfied customers, more recommendations through word of mouth, and ultimately more business for you. Going green doesn’t just look after the planet, it could look after your bank balance, too! 

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

Speaking of looking after the planet, a solar array for your farm will also mean a significantly reduced carbon footprint. That means you’ll be at the forefront of the UK’s charge towards Net Zero by 2050. You’ll be actively decarbonising ahead of time, helping cut greenhouse gas emissions with your new green energy solution. 

Since the country is moving towards renewable energy anyway, it makes sense to put yourself ahead of the curve. It also means that solar panels for your farm are some of the lowest risk investments out there in the agricultural industry.  

Protection Against Outages

Using solar panels for farm businesses just makes sense from a practical perspective. No longer will your farm rely only on the National Grid for your energy requirements – and we know that a farm’s energy requirements are extensive. That means, if there’s ever an outage in your local area, you won’t be affected. 

No longer will power cuts affect your farm’s business operations, so you can say goodbye to the logistical nightmare of trying to operate a farm with no energy. 

How Much Do Solar Panels For Farms Cost?

It’s difficult for us to be able to give an exact number here for two reasons:

  • We work with a range of commercial solar panel installers who will all provide different quotes for the work on your farm
  • The final cost will depend on a range of factors, including but not limited to: the size of the solar system you would like to be installed, your location in the UK, and additional installation requirements such as access to your farm


However, it’s possible for us to give typical costs based on system sizes we’ve seen farm owners just like you order in the past. 

System Size

System Cost (prices from)

40kW (requiring 80 panels, typically*)


50kW (requiring 100 panels, typically*)


100kW (requiring 200 panels, typically*)


250kW (requiring 500 panels, typically*)


300kW (requiring 600 panels typically*)


*typically – this is due to the fact that different solar panels perform differently and therefore an exact amount of panels can’t be provided (you may need more or less than the numbers provided here) until your solar panel installers have spoken with you about your energy needs and the specific solar panels you are interested in installing.

How Will I Cover The High Initial Upfront Cost Of Solar Panels For My Farm?

After seeing the figures above, your eyes might be watering a little, and we don’t blame you. However, these upfront costs do not have to be as prohibitive as they first appear. There are plenty of asset financing providers that are only too happy to lend against green assets and provide funding to help cover the cost of your solar array. And then you’ll be able to pay them back with the savings you make on your energy bills each month. 

It’s also important to remember that solar photovoltaic systems are eligible for deductions under the Annual Investment Allowance…

How Annual Investment Allowance Works For UK Farms

Annual Investment Allowance works by allowing you to deduct the cost of any qualifying investments from your annual profits before tax. With this sort of support, you can write off 100% of your solar system costs, and reduce the overall cost of the system installation by 19% with your corporation tax saving.  

Thankfully, solar panel installations on UK farms are covered by the Annual Investment Allowance, as they’re classed as a vital piece of plant and machinery to help with the running of your business. 

We’ve worked through an example for you below:

A Solar PV system costing £166,600 could be reduced to £134,946 – being reduced by 19% thanks to the corporation tax – meaning you save a huge £31,654 on your installation. 

Some of the Solar PV Suppliers We Compare

Our Commercial Solar Packages

We provide bespoke system designs for every business, based upon your energy usage and rooftop availability. To give you an idea of the savings and cost of a system, the below are some of our common system sizes.

50.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for office buildings

Save £10,561 per year

From £45,000

110.1kW Solar PV System

Ideal for warehouse buildings

Save £23,396 per year

From £96,300

250.7kW Solar PV System

Ideal for manufacturing plants

Save £53,275 per year

From £212,500

501.4kW Solar PV System

Ideal for distribution centres

Save £106,549 per year

From £418,600

All savings are based upon a solar generation yield of 850kWh/kWp installed per annum, with usage of 71.43% of solar energy generated, assuming a 35p/kWh electricity import rate. Savings may change year on year dependent upon weather conditions, energy prices and system degradation in line with warrantied output.

Will I Need Planning Permission For Solar Panels On A Farm?

In most cases, no, planning permission won’t be necessary. There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule:

  • If you’re opting for a ground mounted system on your farm 
  • If your property is part of a world heritage site
  • If your property is listed 
  • If the installation will breach one of the conditions of ‘Permitted Development’, including; installation size, installation height, distance of the installation from the property boundary, and the visibility of your solar array obstructing others


In these cases planning permission will likely be required. Compare Solar Suppliers with us today, and we can put you in contact with a local solar panel installer who will be able to discuss your needs in depth, and help you determine whether you require planning permission to install solar panels for your farm. 

Why Choose Business Solar UK?

At Business Solar UK, we have connections with a range of solar panel installers local to you, who are all hungry for your business. But we believe that nobody should ever jump headfirst into a decision that’s as costly as solar panel installations on farms, so we do all the comparisons for you. 

Click through to Compare Solar Suppliers today, answer a few questions, pick the best package for you, and then get connected to MCS Certified installers in your area today. It’s as simple as that. 

To sum up why comparing solar suppliers with Business Solar UK just makes sense:

  • Saves you time
  • Reduces costs 
  • Puts you in contact with solar installers that are ready to work with you
  • You’ll work with only the best quality MCS Certified installers in your area
How it works
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We save you on average 24% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

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Solar Panels For Farms FAQs:

How long installing the solar array on your farm takes will depend on the size of the installation and how easy access to your farm is. The larger your solar PV system, the more time it will take for your installers to finish the job. Planning permission hold ups may also play a part. 

The best thing you can do is find a local solar panel installer for farms through us today, and then speak with them directly about the time it will take to have your new solar system installed. 

On average, large solar installations, like those required on UK farms, will usually take multiple days.

Typically, commercial solar panels for farm and agriculture will last between 20 and 25 years, but with a more modern array, solar panels can even extend to a lifespan of around 40 years. Your solar panel efficiency may reduce over time if not properly maintained, but care for your solar PV panels well, and you’ll get more out of your investment. 

This may come as a surprise to most farm owners, who are used to regular maintenance and high costs associated with farm machinery and equipment, but solar panels are rather cheap to run once they’re installed. 

Besides cleaning occasionally and checking the condition of the panels twice a year, there’s very little you’ll need to do. And if you’re too busy to handle the cleaning yourself, you can always check with your solar panel installer to see if they offer a cleaning and maintenance service. Many installers do. 

It’s a common misconception that solar panels require direct sunlight to work. In actual fact, solar panels work just fine on cloudy and rainy days and during the winter, but you may notice a slight decrease in energy output. If ever this decrease means your solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity to meet your farm’s needs, then you’ll simply draw the deficit electricity from the National Grid as you did before your new solar installation, meaning your farm can continue operating as normal. 

Does this apply to your business?


Your business is keen to reduce electricity bills


Your business wants to produce its own energy


Your business wants to be seen as more eco-friendly.


Your business owns the premises with your own roof space

Does this apply to your business?


Your business is keen to reduce electricity bills


Your business wants to produce its own energy


Your business wants to be seen as more eco-friendly.


Your business owns the premises with your own roof space

Brands using Solar Power

Example Commercial Solar Projects

Salisbury Cathedral

Prodrive Motorsport

Marks & Spencer

Be Energy Bill Smart

in 2024

Save massively on your electricity bills when you invest in solar.

How can I pay for Solar?

When it comes to commercial solar, there are a few ways to purchase your system, we’ll help to guide you through your options.


Using the Annual Investment Allowance, you can deduct the cost of your system against corporation tax.

Asset Financing

Spread the cost with asset financing and use your bill savings to pay off your annual loan repayments

Outright Purchase

Purchase your system outright, for the best return on investment

Find your local

Solar Business Fund Partner

We save you on average 24% when investing into Solar for your organisation.

We will check if you qualify for any incentives or grants

Match to a local company keen to help you start saving